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The Forum on the Future of Public Education strives to bring the best empirical evidence to policymakers and the public.

The Forum draws on a network of premier scholars to create, interpret, and disseminate credible information on key questions facing P-20 education. The Forum pursues original research and facilitates collaboration between researchers and policymakers to examine the pressing issues shaping the future of public education. Key constituencies of the Forum include scholars who influence research, policy and practice; policy makers and policy making bodies at all levels; members of the media who influence public opinion; foundations, organizations, business groups and others who support, criticize and advocate for reform; and citizens who make choices about education for themselves and their children.

America is witnessing a drastic redefinition of the policies and practices associated with “public education.” Too often, discussions around the future of public education are strong on passion but short on actual evidence. The Forum for the Future of Public Education is filing that gap by building a resource of objective, research-based insights on key educational issues. We are establishing an open venue- a true public forum to debate controversial and consequential policy issues that will shape American’s future.

Special Education alumna named dean at Cal State Long Beach

May 27, 2017, 00:00 by The College of Education at Illinois

Alumna Shireen PavriShireen Pavri, Ph.D. ’99 Spec.Ed., has been named dean of the college of education at Cal State Long Beach (CSULB). She will begin her tenure July 3.

CSULB Provost Brian Jersky said in a Long Beach Post article that Dr. Pavri has a “quiet professionalism and breadth of knowledge” that will benefit the college.

“I am confident her oversight of our student body and cutting-edge campus-based research will lead to improved excellence in teacher education at home and throughout the nation,” Jersky said.

Pavri’s research knowledge, formulated in the Department of Special Education, encompasses preparing teachers to help students’ emotional and social functioning. She has published more than 30 scholarly publications, conducted more than 50 academic presentations, and has been a principal investigator on 10 federal, state, and foundation grants.

Pavri said the doctoral program in Special Education is topnotch.

“It prepared me thoroughly for the rigorous teaching, research, and service requirements of my faculty position,” she said. “The faculty at Illinois created a warm and welcoming community for us doctoral students, challenging and supporting our development as academics, researchers, and leaders.”  

Pavri has served as interim dean at CSULB’s college of education since August 2016. As a special education professor, she has coordinated the education specialist preliminary credential program and the Master of Science program in special education.

Along with her doctorate, Pavri has a school psychology education science degree from Miami University, Ohio; a special education master's degree from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women's University in Mumbia; and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. Xavier's University in Mumbai.

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