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The Forum on the Future of Public Education

The Forum on the Future of Public Education strives to bring the best empirical evidence to policymakers and the public.

The Forum draws on a network of premier scholars to create, interpret, and disseminate credible information on key questions facing P-20 education. The Forum pursues original research and facilitates collaboration between researchers and policymakers to examine the pressing issues shaping the future of public education. Key constituencies of the Forum include scholars who influence research, policy and practice; policy makers and policy making bodies at all levels; members of the media who influence public opinion; foundations, organizations, business groups and others who support, criticize and advocate for reform; and citizens who make choices about education for themselves and their children.

America is witnessing a drastic redefinition of the policies and practices associated with “public education.” Too often, discussions around the future of public education are strong on passion but short on actual evidence. The Forum for the Future of Public Education is filing that gap by building a resource of objective, research-based insights on key educational issues. We are establishing an open venue- a true public forum to debate controversial and consequential policy issues that will shape American’s future.

2017 Cognitive Science/AI Award Annoucement

Mar 3, 2017, 13:30 by Marsha Dunlap (
The Cognitive Science/Artificial Intelligence Steering Committee at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will sponsor a very limited number of awards given at the end of spring semester 2017.

Cognitive Science / Artificial Intelligence Committee

Beckman Institute
405 N. Mathews
Urbana, Illinois  61801


The Cognitive Science/Artificial Intelligence Steering Committee will sponsor a very limited number of awards given at the end of spring semester 2017.  The intent of the awards is to support and encourage students with interdisciplinary interest in CS/AI.  Applications will be considered primarily on merit, but given applications of equal merit, preference will be given to those of an interdisciplinary nature, as demonstrated by the student’s commitment to working with one or more faculty outside the student’s primary discipline. Some preference will also be given to applicants who have not received this award before and to those who will have fewer opportunities to receive the award in the future because they are nearer to the end of their graduate career.

ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to all University of Illinois graduate students currently pursuing degrees that involve research on CS/AI-related topics. Relevant departments include (but are not limited to): anthropology, computer science, electrical engineering, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. Again, relevance is determined by the nature of the questions being pursued, not by departmental affiliation.

AWARD:  The award will be $2,000 given at the end of spring semester, regardless of the student’s home department.  The award will be distributed at the end of the spring semester into the student’s University account.

HOW TO APPLY:  Applications should contain the following materials:

A description of the research or training that the student proposes to carry out over the next 3-6 mos. (maximum length:  two single-spaced pages). A letter of recommendation from the student’s advisor. A letter from another faculty member, agreeing to help supervise the student’s project and briefly its promise. A current University of Illinois transcript.

Applications should be sent to:

Marsha Dunlap
CS/AI Steering Committee
Beckman Institute, Room 2209, MC-251

DEADLINE: Applications must be received by May 5, 2017.